90 seconds to perfection

Posted Mar 22nd, 2017

Why our ‘fast fine’ concept will win the fast-casual pizza segment

As America’s go-to food when it comes to celebration and convenience, pizza is something we crave often, yet still demand a lot out of. We don’t want bland, forgettable pizza like you find in so many fast-casual pizza  places.

What we do want is some kind of pizza nirvana. A pie made with quality ingredients, crafted with care, and served quickly without sacrificing flavor. Enter Neapolitan pizza. When the minds behind MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company were researching all the elements they wanted to include in a successful pizza franchise concept, Neapolitan pizza rose to the top of the list.

A plate of calzones and two pizzas sit on the marble counter waiting for guests to pick them up, with a wood-burning oven and a pile of wood in the background.
Not just any pizza will do. Neapolitan pizza, with its centuries of tradition, was the only real choice for our menu, and it’s baked to perfection in about 90 seconds.

Why we chose Neapolitan pizza

The beauty of the pizza itself lies in its simplicity.

Hundreds of years ago in southern Italy, pizza was the food of the people. With wood-fired brick ovens, pizza was essentially fast food — it was baked to perfection in about 90 seconds — so it was quick and convenient. Workers could stop by any street vendor and buy a small pizza for a few coins, fold it four ways into a neat wallet-sized packet, or “portafoglio,” and eat it on the go.

Neapolitan pizzerias later became restaurants with sidewalk seating, creating a space where friends and families could gather and relax over a delicious meal. Pizzaioli, the artisans who made the pizzas, used the ingredients they had on hand, like locally grown tomatoes and whole, fresh mozzarella. The dough has only four ingredients: double-milled flour, water, salt and yeast.

Our pizza today uses these simple recipes that rely on quality ingredients to replicate the classic Neapolitan pizza. We use only non-GMO ingredients at MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company, and we offer a wide array of toppings so our guests can personalize their pizza to their liking. We also imported wood-burning ovens from Italy, the ones that cook the pizza to perfection in just 90 seconds. That speed of service attracts more guests during lunch hour, and the excellence of our product and our laid-back atmosphere bring them back again during other dayparts.

Why we created ‘fast fine’

We also uphold the Italian tradition of lingering over a good meal and enjoying the company of loved ones. Our dining room is designed to be a space that invites you to unwind and reconnect with friends as you enjoy your personalized pie, a glass of wine, salads and appetizers and elegant desserts.

Two plates of fresh berries drizzled with Nutella and garnished with a lemon slice.
Fresh berries are marinated in lemon juice and brown sugar and topped with coconut and a ribbon of warm Nutella. It’s a far cry from the shrink-wrapped cookies you find at a fast-casual pizza place.

The soaring ceilings, the live olive tree, the twinkling lights are all meant to evoke the feeling of an Italian courtyard. The music is upbeat and energetic. MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is the perfect place for date night, a celebration for the family or a fun night out with friends. Unlike those fast-casual pizza places, we don’t look or feel like a quick-service restaurant that is intent only on getting people in and out as quickly as possible.

We have created a destination that our guests will want to return to again and again. Our unique style and fine quality food is so unlike other pizza franchises that we’ve created a new category to describe who we are: fast fine. That means we offer the convenience and value of a fast-casual pizza  place, but the elegance and sophistication of a fine dining establishment.

Three hands holding glasses of beer clink glasses in the foreground while one of the people holding a glass is shown in the background.
We created a space that would bring friends together.

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